Rollover IRAs

Whether you’ve retired or recently changed employers, it may be wise to keep a close eye on your retirement savings by rolling it over to an IRA.  Rollovers can be conducted tax-free, and can allow a team of professionals to monitor the savings you’ve long contributed to.  When combined with our financial planning process, executing a rollover can contribute to peace-of-mind before and during retirement.

Folks often encounter challenges when rolling over an existing 401(k) account to an IRA.  Your previous employer, a recordkeeper, and a third party administrator often need to cooperate to accomplish the transaction.  We have found that clients appreciate leaning on our team’s extensive experience in dealing with these financial institutions to navigate tasks that need to be accomplished.  We strive to take as much of that burden off our clients as possible.

After completing your rollover it can be heartening to know that you are no longer going-it-alone with your retirement account.  Our team works with you, and behind the scenes, to ensure that your savings are being treated with the utmost care.  We work to ensure your previously self-directed account is now being handled by a team of professionals providing you the best service and advice possible.

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